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 Kosher Food Guide


October 2022, Riga

·        Chabad School- Kosher Food and Kitchen:

For Kosher Food, ready-made meals, baked goods and catering, please call +37167204023 or email: [email protected]

·        In this Kosher guide you will find:

o   List of products without Rabbinical supervision, but are 100% natural, without additives and, therefore, are considered naturally Kosher, and can be bought in any local store.

o   List of products sold in Riga that have Rabbinical supervision, divided into Food Products, Sauces, Beverages, Sweets and Snacks.

Please note: it is preferable, whenever possible, to buy food products made under Rabbinical supervision.

Important: products marked with a * are Kosher, but not Mehadrin, meaning they are not Pas Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel or Bishul Yisroel.

o   List of stores which sell some Kosher products

o   Pictures of Kosher symbols for easier identification