Welcome to Riga!

The Chabad Lubavitch Center is located at 141 Lapclesa St and houses the Chabad Preschool, Day School and Humanitarian Aid Center. To get in touch with a representative, please use the contact information below.

Kosher food, baked goods, and Shabbat meals including Challah and wine can be bought on premises or delivered anywhere in Riga at your expense. Orders should be made in advance.

All prayers take place at the Chabad House on 1c Satekles  St. (3rd floor) in the very center of City between Dzirnavu and Elizabetes Str., opposite Mercure hotel.

Times of Shacharit:

Weekdays at 8.15 am

Sundays at 9 am

Shabbat at 10 am

The times of Mincha, Maariv and Kabbalat Shabbat vary, so please use the contact information below if necessary.

Rabbi Mordechai Glazman (371) 29518700



Rabbi Shneur Kot (371) 29296310

 Kosher Food Service (371) 67204023

Mikvah Mei Menachem (371) 29506721