Prayer Schedule- General Guide:


Friday Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat

April to May- at 7:30pm

June to July- at 8:00pm

August to September- at 7:30pm

Throughout the rest of the year- at candle-lighting time

Shacharit- at 10am, followed by Kiddush and meal

Mincha- after the Kiddush (winter- at 1pm, summer- at 2pm)





Sunday at 9am

Mon-Fri at 8:15am



March to April- at 6:30pm

May to July- at 7:30pm

September- at 6:30pm

October- at 6:15pm



October and November- at 7:30pm

December to February- at 6:30pm

March and April- at 7:30pm


Holidays and Fast Days

Mincha at Eve of Holiday- at candle-lighting time

Yizkor prayer: On holidays- at 11:30am, on Yom Kippur- at 12:30pm

Rosh Hashana- Shofar blowing at 12:00pm

Yom Kippur- Kol Nidrei at candle-lighting time, Yizkor at 12:30pm, Mincha at an hour and a half before fast is over.

First day of Pesach- Shacharit at 10:30am

Shavuot- Ten Commandments reading- 1st day at 12:00pm, 2nd day at 11:30am

Tish'a Be'av- Maariv at begging of fast

 Selichot- on Motzei Shabbat at midnight. All other days at 7:50am

This list is just a general guide, changes might happen. To find out exact times of prayers, please contact us or check back closer to the date on our Facebook page.